CX Messenger

Everybody texts. Now, with CX Messenger, you finally can too.

Recent studies suggest that as much as 64% of consumers would prefer to text rather than calling you. As much as 33% of consumers picked texting as their most preferred option when completing tasks like checking order status or scheduling appointments. Texting just make sense. There is no hold time, you are instantly alerted when a message comes in, and you can work at your own pace.

Easy to use

CX Messenger is designed from the ground up to be familiar. Your text messages look like text messages. Why should they look like anything else?

Easy to install

All you need is a recent version of Oracle Service Cloud and we can have you texting your customers in two hours flat. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Easy to customize

We make it easy to tweak how our app works. We using nothing but standard Oracle Service Cloud API's. Once you buy our product, you have full control.
CX Messenger is built using out-of-box public APIs and standard components of Oracle Service Cloud. All text messages are stored in Oracle Service Cloud, so you can report on the data using its full analytics capabilities. CX Messenger is also highly configurable. Just about everything can be tweaked using our settings, even the bubble colors the agent sees. If you need to do more than toggle switches and change bubble colors, any developer can extend our platform to implement custom business logic, or modify the way our applicaiton behaves.
CX Messenger allows your agents to text your customers in a completely familiar interface. Messages are instantly sent and received so conversations can are fast and fluid. Agents can also use your site's chat standard text. We even fill in variables and field data that may be inside of them.
Customers have yet another avenue to contact you on which requires no hold time and they get alerts on the device they already have in their hand or their pocket. CX Messenger also supports incoming MMS (if you choose to allow it) and images can be displayed directly in the agent console. Support for outgoing MMS is coming soon!

How we do things


Messages are displayed in a way that just makes sense. Anybody that uses chat or texts will instantly know how to use our product.


Customize chat bubble CSS to match your company brand! Your only limit is your imagination!


Report on text messages at an agent level or look at all messages sent and received by your organization. The full power of Oracle Service Cloud's analytics engine is at your fingertips!